Welcome To Sparkle Media Group

Sparkle Media Group was established in 2010. Our goals since incorporation to offer a distinctive works compete Arab and even world works, and to introduce Saudi society properly. We have achieved, thanks to Allah, good, fruitful, and progressively results over the past years. Since, we use our best efforts to provide the best and to develop our work exploiting all the reasons, tools and data of success, which include an experienced management team, skilled technical team, qualified staff and distinctive ideas for success. In addition to use all modern and advanced appliances which offer work in a modern image. During our course of business, we performed a variety of works including Exhibitions, Conferences, TV Shows, Drama, Documentary Films, Advertising Campaigns‎, Art Operations, and Supporting Services for many of Businesses. Thus, we have had a distinct balance, and experience, social, cultural, and artistic vision, distinguish us as well as works we deliver to upgrade the status of the country in which we hold its identity and belonging to.

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Who we are!!

Sparkle Media Group is a national company specialized in advertisement and media industry offering integrated solutions to the requirements of the media work, public relations, promotion & advertising, exhibitions, conferences and digital printing.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to create an effective experience that provide the greatest value to our clients at the time of establishing a new brand and the establishment of the reputation of your company and improve the relationship with the target audience and make your business more successful.

Our Vision

To be the best efficiency in creating new innovative ideas connect between entrepreneurs and investors to meet all needs, and allow developmental economic and social opportunities in good harmony with all our plans with 2030 Vision.

Our Main Services

Implement a range of scientific and documentary shows as film (SNON) to the Ministry of Health for Children.  Documentary series to the memory of the late Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him, under the name (We All Nayef). A documentary film about the Tourism Authority and Prince Sultan bin Salman, titled (A biography from course of life). Implementation of a documentary film for the University of Princess Nora daughter of Abdul Rahman. Implementation of two documentary films for the Ministry of Agriculture - fish farm management, which, were implemented at sea and on shores all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Implementation of a variety of short documentary films for several governmental and non-governmental bodies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Production and Implementation of Series (Delivery) starring of Khalid Sami, Bashir Ghoneim, and a group of stars. Art Operations of series (This is Hanna) starring of Saad Al Faraj, Abdullah Al – Sadhan, and Gulf Stars.

Production and Implementation of Series (Condition & Condition), starring of Khalid Sami, Fatima Al Hosni, and Gulf Stars. Art Operations of Series (Any Service) starring of Mohammad Al Essa and Gulf Stars. Production and drama episodes (Whispers) starring of a group of stars.
Art Operations of Series (globalization) starring of Hayat Al Fahad, Baker Sheddi, Fayez al – Maliki, and Gulf Stars.

Production and Implementation of the documentary (Human and Religions over time) show.
Production and Implementation of (AWAEL) show.
Production and Implementation of (AZKAR) show.
Production and Implementation of (Saudi and stars of the table) show.
Implementation of (Shaer al Watan) live show for 4 months.
Production and Implementation of (First Saudi) show.
Production and Implementation of (Take wisdom) show.
Logistic services for several TV shows.

Operetta of summer events (First place in the Kingdom). Operetta of allegiance of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, may Allah have mercy on him. Organization, Implementation, and marketing of the Global Forum of investment opportunities in the Kingdom with the associated exhibition.
Design and Implementation of Agency of Ministry of Agriculture Pavilion in Jenadriya festival and Ministry of Education pavilion.
Implementation of Shaer al Watan Conference and design of a miniature gallery for that with support services to celebration.
Design and Implementation of several theaters and a variety of occasions.
Implementation the celebration of launching mohafez site, exhibition, and its press conference with supportive services to conference and celebration.

Montage: Implementation of several works, most notable (Nora series – Darb Al Mahabba series - Globalization series - and other works).

Graphics: Implementation  of several works, most notable (introduction of beginning and end of a large number of series, In addition to buildings design such as SABIC, Faisaliah, and Prince Sultan Building of Science - interiors decors, documentary Animated films with third Dimension, and television breaks for many television channels such as Sada Channel – Saudi Comedy Channel - Al Thaqafiya Channel).

Sound Studio: Implementation of several works, one of most notable is advertisements for radio and radio series, including the radio program "AZKAR" for Riyadh Radio.

Implementation of a wide range of campaigns and television ads for artists, media men, and others including:-
Artist Rashid Al Majid: 3 ads
Artist Talal Maddah: 1 ads
Artist Arwa: 2 ads
Artist Asmaa Al menwer: 1 ads.
Comprehensive Media Campaign for a program of comedy star.
Comprehensive Media Campaign for Yanbu forum.
Two T.V ads for lumberjacking and bees.
Ads for Al Rabie juice and Ministry of Agriculture.
Several advertising campaigns for a sporadic.

This service occupies great importance in the life of those who care about technology of the latest advertising and promotion methods because of its strategic role in highlighting product effect, or role of targeted company or establishment at individual or public level.
The most prominent characteristic of this advanced service is that it accepts, with full flexibility, every particular of Promotion cost based on the budget prepared in advance for this purpose, in the sense that it could take the form of a budget seen suitable by the target customer for his potentials. Therefore, to be immediately adapted to the existing reality of the financial capacity.
Now it is possible to do without the traditional and old methods of Promotion such as printing on caps, T - shirts or even stationery and replace the same with developed promotion such as prepaid national and international calling cards.

Design and print all publications of water resources department at Ministry of Agriculture.

Design and print deluxe duplications for several governmental authorities (a Variety of studies - Researches - Statistics).
Design and print an integrated identity for Animal Resources Department at Ministry of Agriculture.
Design and print all publications of Investment Opportunities Conference in the Kingdom.
Design of Integrated identity consists of publications and logos for Sada satellite channel.
Printing a variety of publications and identities of several governmental and non-governmental bodies.
Supply a large variety of gifts for the Ministry of Agriculture for consecutive years for Jenadriya festival.
Supply and print Promotion gifts for Layali Media company over four years.
Supply of Promotion gifts and prizes of Comedy Star TV program.
Design and supply of authentic Arabian Horse Festival cups.
Implement a range of gifts for several different authorities.

Fahad Al Hammoud

General Supervisor - Public Relations and Media

Sultan Al Farm

Director of Public Relations

Mohamed Al Hammoud

Director of Technical Department

Abdullah Al Hammoud

Director of Coordination Department

Mohamed Halim

Digital Marketing Director

Marwa Mohamed

Director of Media Content Department

Saad Al Sahly

Director of Production Department

Qoussay Mobdy

Director of Lighting and Photography Department