Exhibitions and Conferences Organizing

Sparkle Media Group owns a separate department for exhibitions and conferences, a special division for preparations works, and specialized technical staff experienced in the same, including show arenas, prepared with all supporting services at the latest engineering designs. Setting up a show stages with the highest lighting systems, audio-visual systems, and warehouses where exhibits, signs, banners, and billboards be stored. Moreover, procedures of securing exhibitions and conferences sites.

Supportive services for organizing exhibitions and conferences

Advertisements Services

Advertisement needs costly effort for communication; so, technical expertise is necessity in its planning and management to reach the targeted goal, and our role is to contribute to adjust these costs through the drafting of an ad campaign in which effort and paid  money are consistent to achieve the goals set for without excess or negligence.


We offer you a workshop specialized in decor with a full staff for emergent and necessary working conditions, where, our specialized team does all decor needs and accessories within the workshop.

Logistical support

We offer you our logistic support in all fields including media, booking, quotes, negotiation, meetings, and other logistic services.

Planning and Implementation Strategy of Exhibition and Conferences

  • Develop an initial perception with conference organizer to learn about requirements, and how professionally and distinctively meets them.
  • Develop necessary action plan to establish conference's events and offer the same on the organizer.
  • Promotion and advertising campaign leading up to the conference or exhibition for marketing and educate the public about its goals and activities.
  • Send invitations and marketing for the conference or exhibition and prepare a list of expected attendees.
  • Design and construction of a full Exhibition pavilion, and services of installing participants' pavilion.
  • Provide technical support and audiovisual devices.
  • Production, Direction, and audio equipment and display screens.
  • Provide all logistic support required to facilitate the attendance process of the Conference including travel and accommodation Services for participated delegates and bodies.
  • Promotion campaign and media reports to document the conference after the completion of its events in various newspapers and media.