Event Management Department

Events are considered one of the best methods to connect with your audience on a personal level. Media Sparkle Group is an integrated one for events management. Our main goal is to work with our customers and embrace their strategies of contacting and marketing to produce outstanding events. Our team works to provide support and assistance to our customers in every step from planning, perceptions and ideas to stage of implementation on the ground, and then events management.

Success factors in events organization

Public Relations

The success of events of all kinds depends completely on contact, and promotion.
Due to the importance of public relations and media, we help you to show and promote the product properly through our distinctive relations, and developing appropriate marketing plans.

Television and Photography Documentation

There is no doubt that the events must be documented in full and professional manner, highlighted beautifully, present each event separately for broadcasting in all media and advertisement means, and not to rely on the coverage of satellite channels and press in order to make sure of showing associated events through required and planned form. As well as assigning a professional photographer to accompany our technical team to cover all events and to document the same photographically to show efforts for all.

In addition to implementation of an integrated documentary film for all of these events and to display efforts. In order to fulfill the requirements of this significant stage, we assigned an integrated technical team to cover the events by turn and on a daily basis with full equipment.

Availability of logistic support

Sparkle Media Group owns all necessary methods to provide all the necessary equipment to organize events including logistic equipment, lighting, sound devices, recording equipment, and translation.

Mechanism of Events implementation and management

Special events are considered one of the most activities impact on the level of the relationship between the establishment and different audiences. Public relations invest this factor to pay more attention to this type of activity, because they have a significant interest from media, attention of a large number of the audience, and often achieves high results at the level of reputation.

Organizing of special events needs to numerous marketing and administrative tools that require a high degree of professionalism in the planning, management, and implementation, as well as its need to strict specialization, concentration, commitment, and experience, so that we can fulfill all requirements of organizing events or occasions as some call.

Sparkle Media group includes professional writers and specialists in all types of writings, such as writing summaries, advertisements, programs, logos, and banners. As well as specialists in production of informative materials in a manner characterized by professionalism, experience, and according to customer needs, as well as our excellent relations with media, so that we can achieve appropriate media coverage of the event.