Media Production and Distirbution

Because of our continues dreams, unlimited ambitions, and because we look beyond the horizon... We have set up Art production and distribution department in 2003. Sparkle Media Group is considered the leader in local drama production through our delivering of many of the works that we have produced and implemented since the beginning of establishment. Our goal from setting up is our absolute belief in the existence of many media and advertising abilities and talents that need to be embraced to achieve the desired target. We in Sparkle Media Group did not stop at this point, but we have developed and keep up with all that is new in the media and advertising fields.

Our Media and Art Work

TV Series and Programs

Production and direction of dramatic series in Saudi Arabia, and we have many successful drama works in all dramatic kinds which brought a change on the level of drama in Saudi Arabia, such as "This is Us" series, and "Delivery" series.

Cinema and documentary films

We have produced many distinctive movies and documentary films such as "A biography from course of life" film of the Prince Sultan bin Salman, film about the preparatory year for University of Princess Nora daughter of Abdul Rahman, and numerous of documentary films for Saudi television in various fields.

Operetta and Theater

The art of operetta and theater is the promising arts in the Kingdom, we have a distinct works in these areas, such as the operetta of summer events and operetta of allegiance of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and implementation and production of several plays.

Specialized in implementation and production of media and drama works

Sparkle Media Group is specialized in the works of art implementation, production and post-production services. It is also one of the leading companies in the field of art on the regional level in respect of production and distribution of the best content, documentary films, Arabian drama, entertainment content, ads, talk shows, dubbed drama, and many programs.

Sparkle Media Group for art production, audiovisual distribution, advertising, and public relations, is pleased to build bridges of cooperation with you believing that there are many opportunities for fruitful cooperation, hoping to find optimal ways for this cooperation.