Public Relations, Media Coverage and Campaigns

We offer advisory services relating to media ideas and the way of drafting professionally, and it can be developed to gain the right art form to suit your needs and target audience, depending on accumulated experience of Media sparkle group.

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Media and Advertising Coverage

The number of times that your establishment's name or brand to be showed in the press and media such as newspapers, magazines, and news agencies, electronic and printed, that reach your target audience is very important matter. This is the importance of media coverage by which to measure the effectiveness of your endeavors related to communications and public relations.

Analysis of the intensity of media appearance for your brand in a specific time period and compared to other periods of time that allows you to configure a comprehensive picture of the extent of media coverage access to the audience and its success in achieving the desired objectives.

Press Conferences

Press conferences represent today an important mass media, and contact bridge no way to deny its benefits among those who have the right to present news, information, details, and provide opinions and views,  among all media bodies including press, radio, television and news agencies represented by its delegates, and then between them and the different audiences and public opinion.

Public Relations Activities

The role of public relations is to introduce enterprise's activities and extends to receive information from the audience, work through this information to develop the enterprise. In addition, have a role in meeting the desires and needs of the audience from different aspects with regard to the culture of the enterprise and create a positive mental image of enterprise with external audiences.

Features and Components

Public Relations (PR) is to direct public opinion toward your product through electronic or non-electronic projects, or offer a product for a particular audience, and create a positive aura around it. We can define public relations as a management that connects the enterprise with its local and abroad audience. Where, public relations transit an image of the activities and services offered by the company or enterprise to the public, and meet the public needs to get that information.

Public Relations Tools:

personal communications: is one of the most important and prominent methods used in public relations for having a large and direct impact on the communication process, as well as being a double way means, through which the reaction or the level of response in respect of offered ideas, approaches, or meaningful discussion can be measured.

Print media: There are varieties of models and forms that can be used in field of publications, often divided into two groups: direct mail, and publications.

Visual communications: a communications group conducted using sense of sight for the sake of recognizing the intended thing by the targeted party clearly and precisely, and the most prominent methods used are:

  1. Photography
  2. Advertising Films
  3. TV Programs and Advertisements
  4. Exhibitions

Electronic public relations tools differs from traditional public relations tools.