( Montage - Sound - Graphics ) Studios

The latest modules for montage, graphics, animation, and professional team to work on all types of art businesses, video, cinema, music, TV ads, documentary Films, and TV and cinema programs, and Internet sites. We offer you our studios according to your request at any time, as follows (Sound Studio - Montage Studio - Graphics Studio – Chroma Studio – Program Photography Studio - photography studio).

Our Studios

Montage Studio

Montage Studio contains the latest montage devices, cinematic tricks, and the latest negative montage devices.

Our experts specialized in the work of montage at the highest levels of professionalism, as we also have dedicated team specialized in innovating and imagining stunning images for cinema and TV.

Graphics Studio

All works of animation, videos, visual materials, and use of visual effects for promotion of services and products.

Advertising and promotional works through use of graphics and animation.

Sound Studio

Production of audio material in all kinds including radio, television, cinema, recording operetta, and art works in sound studio.

Sparkle Media Group Studios

Our studios are able, through the best professional teamwork dedicated in the work of montage, graphics, to reach with the customer to the best level. We seek this ultimate goal through our open channels of contacts across all mass media within the Kingdom and abroad.

We have the latest devices for photography, montage, design, and technology systems to ensure the highest level of efficiency and perfection.